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Do you have to face justice?

At Criminal Lawyers Madrid Alonso Sala, you always meet the lawyer who is best suited to answer your questions, depending on your file. Some clients want to plead guilty quickly. Others want to fight to the end. Some are familiar with the judicial system, others are facing it for the first time. Everyone wants one thing: to be well represented and to keep their heads held high.

Lawyers don’t control everything. They must therefore excel in what they can control. A real team of lawyers is not just about several people sharing a firm; it is about the ability to unite the strengths of each other. Our files are always processed as a team, without this affecting their cost. The reason is simple: the work is perfectly divided according to the specialties, strengths and experience of each person in the field of law practice that concerns your trial.

Research, drafting of legal documents, negotiation with the opposing party and pleadings in court are not carried out by the same legal professional. It makes sense, and it works. We defend you if you are charged of crimes as sexual assault, a traffic offence, possession, production or sale of drugs, theft or fraud or assault and threats, mischief and theft, drinking and driving, hit and run, appeal court, dangerous driving or any other crime. No matter the crime you are accused of, we will be taken care of. Your lawyer will meet you to guide you through the legal process and ensure you a solid defence.

We have a personalized approach for winning causes. Each client is different and each case has its own endorsements and outcomes; that is why our firm offer you personalized assistance, in accordance with your objectives, for a defence adapted to your needs. Whatever problems you encounter with the law, your lawyer will do everything possible to restore your dignity and freedom.

A criminal charge is of the utmost importance. Trust a competent criminal lawyer in Madrid who will understand you and provide you with effective assistance. We specialize in defending individuals and offer legal aid services for people in financial difficulty. Contact us to defend your rights.

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