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Abogados Penalistas Madrid Alonso Sala is a firm of experts in criminal law with headquarters in Madrid. We offer a specialized service to people facing criminal charges. We adapt an active and efficient approach to your particular case. We assist in court, prepare your appearances, review the evidence and fight hard to obtain an excellent result.

We know what is at stake and your need for the best criminal lawyers. If you are being investigated or accused, contact our firm for a quality defense immediately. We defend criminal cases throughout Spain and in the following cities: Comunidad de MadridMadrid, Alcalá de Henares ,GetafeFuenlabradaLeganés, AlcobendasLas Rozas, Torrejón.

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We only practice criminal law and are experts in our field. Our track record and history of success speaks for itself. Do not take risks with your future, profession or reputation.

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Our firm specializes in criminal jurisdiction and works hard to ensure that your rights are recognized and protected. If you face a criminal problem, call us for a meeting to discuss your case. At Abogados Penalistas Madrid Alonso Sala we will review your criminal procedure situation and design an adequate defense strategy. As experienced criminal lawyers we will help you in every step of the criminal process against you, in order to obtain the victory. 

As defense lawyers our task is to make use of all the legal tools and resources available to win the criminal procedure. We are distinguished by the effort made in each case and the dedication in the defense of our clients. Each of our defendants receives the personalized attention of our criminal defense team during the course of their case. We put at your disposal all our experience and knowledge as criminal lawyers dedicated exclusively to criminal defense.

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Our work is not limited to the courtroom. We advise individuals and businesses on their legal options. Our criminal lawyers are always ready to help and guide you to find the best legal solution to your problem.


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Alonso Sala, Abogado Penal en Madrid

When should a criminal lawyer be hired?

Before carrying out any action. Precision is indispensable in all cases. 

Why is it better to hire a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law?

The branch of Criminal Law is one of the most complex disciplines of the Law, in constant evolution and change, it requires specialized lawyers in its field. A lawyer specialized in Criminal Law will guarantee you the best strategy for your case. 

I have been accused, what should I do?

Your first action should be to hire a specialist lawyer. Any action, or statement you make without advice, may negatively condition the subsequent course of the case. 

I have been accused of a minor crime, do I need a criminal attorney?

A firm conviction for a crime, even a minor one, sets a precedent and can lead to much more serious problems before a new accusation, so it is essential to have the best legal advice from the first moment. 

I have been assigned a public lawyer, can I change to a private lawyer?

Of course, you have the right to change your lawyer at any time you wish.